Engineering Insurance

Construction and projects equipment and implementation are a major concern of Amana. We provide our clients with specialized engineering insurance policies that cover financial damage to facilities and equipment used during construction, in addition to substitute- equipment during maintenance. The policies also cover all forms of damage and unexpected malfunctions of equipment, boilers and steam machinery, loss of profit as a result of interruption of work, additional expenses including staff salaries and extra expenses related to work, or expenses incurred by avoiding loss or decline of business revenue. Additionally, all forms of damage to stored goods from cooling malfunctions may also be covered by such policies.

For maximum benefit of engineering insurance services, you may choose insurance policies with benefits that best suit your needs and requirements. These policies include:

  • » All risks construction insurance
  • » Plants and equipment insurance
  • » Electronic equipment insurance
  • » Equipment breakdown insurance
  • » Steam boilers and machinery insurance
  • » Insurance of profit loss as a result of equipment breakdown/burst of boilers and steam machinery
  • » Insurance for stored goods against damage.
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