How can I get the Medical Approvals?

By dialing below number


How can I get or Renew a medical insurance?

For issuing a new insurance for small medical group, the sponsor and authorized person only can visit Tameeni website


Or visit our branches as per below locations
please be note that there is no insurance for citizens unless they worked under (company/ Establishment)

How can I view the Medical network?

How can I get a New Motor Insurance?

Now you can buy your motor insurance via E-sales page for Amana by vising below link


Can I get a Travel Insurance?

If you have an insurance with Amana, you can get Travel insurance certificate.

By dialing below number

Toll Free Number: 8001240242

How can I know my class

By ask insurance office at your company or call customer service agent via

Toll Free Number: 8001240242

How can I Cancel my Motor Insurance?

In order to cancel your car insurance, please visit below link and follow the instructions:


How can I submit a Motor Claim?